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Reader question: Is starting pitching more valuable in the regular season than in the playoffs?

Depends on how you word the question. All forms of talent are more important in the regular season, assuming you define "more important" as "more likely to ensure success."

Analysis: What is the deal on Zach Greinke's road performance.

What? Walks. Why? Ask a shrink, not me.

Opinion. A-Rod has not told the truth

His performance did NOT improve in Texas. His home park did.

Reader question. Why didn't DiMaggio get into the HOF on the first ballot?

Don't think of it in modern terms! Remember against whom he was competing.

Analysis. Is a pitcher's "hits per inning" an independent statistic?

It seems that when batters don't strike out, they succeed just as well against Randy Johnson as against any other pitcher. So, if strikeouts are higher, hits are lower.

Analysis. How many games can a superstar add to your W column?

You are 23 games back. You're about to pony up 25 million per year for A-Rod to replace a Triple-A guy at short. Should you start chilling down the champagne?

 Analysis. Is Larry Walker a Hall of Famer?

On the surface, his career is virtually identical to that of Chuck Klein, a Hall of Famer, but how do his stats look when Coors is factored out?

Analysis. Reflection on Joe DiMaggio's 56 game streak.

How unlikely was it? Were there any less likely hitting streaks of 30 or more games? What was the most likely hitting streak? Do any modern players have a shot at the Big 56?

Humor. The extraordinary career of Danny "Suits" Sparrow.

I inherited my love of baseball from my late dad who, according to no less an authority than himself, was the greatest player of them all. I obviously didn't inherit any of his talent.

Utility. An online calculator for the NFL passing rating.

I know this site isn't supposed to have anything to do with football, but I wrote the damned thing, so here it is.

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